Morelia United's monthly Cocktail Party  at Hotel Casa San Diego was a huge success. For "off-season," there was a large crowd who enjoyed the drinks, snacks and conversations. The Hotel is a delightful place for a party and a good time was had by all. 
One hint, the abundant snacks are served a little after the party starts at 6pm and are ravished by the guests. Arrive early for abundant antijitos. Nothing lasts forever!
Mark your calendars now: Morelia Untied's next Cocktail Party is Tuesday, October 16 from 6-9pm. I like to leave Erongaricuaro early and spend the day shopping at Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, Office Depot, you name it, and it's in Morelia. Arriving early, I can squeeze in an early lunch at Origos, Panoli or Rio 53. I just wished Cielo were open on Tuesday's, but we can't have everything.
But, we do have Morelia's monthly Cocktail Party, so don't miss the next one. 
Felix viaje, David 
Morelia United's Monthly Cocktail Party